What we stand for

Working together towards a solution

Hypocasso is an independent organisation in arrear management. We specialise in handling late mortgage payments. We invariably work towards a durable solution for consumers with arrears. It is our goal to find a solution that does not entail selling the house. Our working methods are entirely transparent and our objective is to create a healthy financial future for consumers. Hypocasso strives to achieve a win-win situation for all parties involved: for the consumer and for our clients.



Our mission is to resolve consumers' mortgage arrears, but if necessary we will try to help consumers in a broader perspective. Our approach is based on getting the essence of the problem on the table and by truly engaging with our clients. Hypocasso provides a generic service, but we strive to find a solution that fits all parties.



Hypocasso continues to develop its organisation and is proactive and innovative. It is our ambition to become and continue to be the number one centre of expertise for prevention and late payment management. We consistently work towards improving our service.


Core values

Our core values are: joint action, result-oriented, open and ambitious. We take responsibility, together with the money broker and the consumer. In addition, we act proactively to create a safe environment for all those involved. Our goals are ambitious and we strive to achieve a win-win situation for all parties involved. Our solutions are aimed at achieving durable recovery, and are based on the objective that we can save the house from being sold.

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