Hypocasso is the perfect partner for mortgage institutions that want to define their own risk policy but outsource the execution to an expert. Your business policy requires a proactive, multi-channel consumer approach based on risk differentiation. Like us, you find it important to continuously evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your risk management.


Managing the risk in a mortgage portfolio is an expertise. To achieve this, Hypocasso only works with professionals. We develop and implement strategies for a wide range of risk categories and we continue to further perfect those strategies. Your portfolio will be handled in accordance with the optimal strategy for your organisation and with a keen eye for the consumer's individual situation. We consistently strive to reduce risk and secure minimal losses, without affecting your reputation.


The impact of our strategies can be found in our transparent management reports, which have been tailored to your specific information needs. In collaboration with you, we will analyse the status and development of your portfolio.


Hypocasso provides a total package of innovative services to financial institutions and investors in the mortgage market. Hypocasso is able to successfully accomplish this goal thanks to a combination of expertise, smart solutions and entrepreneurship. And we always have our clients' interest at heart. This will allow you to focus on your core business and optimise your mortgage portfolio.


Special servicing means anticipating changing needs in a flexible and innovative manner. But more than anything else, providing a service means being reliable - with empathy and a keen eye for the interests of all parties involved.


Special Servicing helps clients achieve optimal ROI on their portfolios and treats them with respect and honesty.

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